You me Paris by Chaumet


Photographed at Peonies, Paris

I'm a big fan of applications, useful ones that is - the type that help me get a good night's sleep, shop better, order food, and find my way around a city - applications that add value and aid my busy life. So as a resident and Paris enthusiast, I'm very excited to be teaming up again with Maison Chaumet, to introduce you to their new application - You me Paris! It's a thoughtfully curated, discerning guide to Paris that has been created in collaboration with My Little Paris. Each space and place has been hand-picked specifically with us and our loved ones in mind. Think a romantic dinner for two, a stroll through one of Paris' famous undercover passages or a cosy bar where you can wile away an evening catching up with a good friend over a cocktail. 

There are five categories: Hotel, Culture, Restaurant/Bar, Shopping and my personal favourite Just For Two - a guide to Paris places that are best enjoyed as a couple or with your best friend. You might have already seen my post on Instagram from a lunch date with my boyfriend at Restaurant Edgar?! And earlier this week I finally discovered one of the city's newest café additions, Peonies - a cute coffee and lunch spot in the 10th where you can also pick up a beautiful bouquet of blooms. Chaumet has also suggested six different walks around Paris to suit various itineraries, such as Paris Under the Rain, Early Morning and Paris By Night! 

If you're planning a visit to Paris with a loved one, friends or family, or you live here and just want to learn more about what to do/ where to go in your city - download You me Paris now for inspiration!


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I've been writing this for the past week in between catching up on new year emails and starting new collaborations. But, wow, where to start? 2016 was dubbed one of the worst years by a lot of people, and while Brexit, the US election, celebrity deaths...we said goodbye to Bowie, Prince, Princess Leia, (and her mum!), Professor Snape, George Michael... - who didn't play Last Christmas at full-volume when they found out the news? So many wonderful, inspiring people, so much talent... all gone in one year. And then there were the many atrocities in between (Aleppo playing a huge part) that left unsalvageable holes. But despite all of this and sorry for sounding a little smug (although I'm not going to apologise for feeling this way I'm afraid, as it's taken a lot to get me here), it was one of my best years yet. And I'm beginning 2017 feeling more positive than I have in a very long time. This is mainly for one big reason - 2016 was the year I finally plucked up the courage to work for myself. I left the comfort of a monthly salary and began to whole-heartedly pursue my dreams! I'm probably a little older than most photographer/bloggers, so a regular salary is something I've been used to for the majority of my working life. But in September I left a part-time job, which for the past two years had been providing me with a stable wage in Paris. And although it allowed me to travel and take on more creative jobs on the side, it never felt right - hence I never talked about it! (PS it was with a digital marketing agency.) So as the work I wanted started to come in at a steadier speed, I decided it was time to take the leap. It was now or never. So I did it. Believe me, it was bloody scary, but thankfully I haven't looked back. I thought about it for a long time - my friends can attest to that ;) but sometimes it takes a little while to feel comfortable about making a big decision. And I'm the kind of person who likes to think, reflect and gather opinions from friends and family, before I make one. And now looking back, it was the best decision (besides moving to Paris) that I've ever made! I'm now working with brands and clients, and on projects that I could only have dreamed of a few years ago.  

Reading over my post from last year that looks back at 2015 and my goals for 2016, I can tell by the tone of my voice that in writing this post today, I'm a lot more confident in chasing my dreams. I was very tentative at the beginning of last year, a little unsure of my future and by the sounds of it, a lot more directionless. So I've compiled a few of my favourite things from 2016 as it's good to look back before you look forward! 


I won't spend too much time banging my own drum, as I want to get onto 2017 goals, but last year I collaborated with an amazing number of brands, including GAP, Kenzo, All Saints, Maison Chaumet and KitchenAid - my biggest collaboration to date - you might remember my KitchenAid posts on Instagram. I was chosen as the Paris-based ambassador for their new Mini Mixer. As part of the campaign I was filmed in Paris and was then flown out to New York in September for the launch. A 'pinch-me' moment happened when sitting in the theatre for a New York food awards night (which I'd gate-crashed last minute) and seeing the Mini Mixer campaign video played on the large cinema screen, complete with my face staring up a the Eiffel Tower! It was a wonderful experience and I met some incredible people who made me feel completely humbled to have been selected!


In 2016 I travelled to 11 wonderful countries (Copenhagen, Munich, Venice, Morocco, Vienna, Croatia, Bordeaux, Maldives, New York, Mallorca, Zurich) - 3 of those being completely new to me, with the Maldives being by far the best! I love to travel - not just for the simple notion of getting away, setting your eyes on fresh sights, but to expand my horizons, meet new cultures and people. On my list this year is:

California - my mum is from San Diego and I have family there - it's been 4 years since I've been back, so I'm over-due a visit. (I'm also trying to organise a trip to Coachella with my old London flatmate, as this has been on my list for the past 4 years!)

Vietnam/ Cambodia - these were on my list for last year, but the year raced by, I went to other wonderful destinations and just ran out of time!

Berlin - I have good friends living there and have been saying for the past 2 years that I will come visit!

Barcelona - equally it's been years since I last visited...

South American: ideally Argentina or Brazil, or Mexico - so I can get my fill of my favourite cuisine, marvel at Mayan temples and bathe in the sea. 

What's on your travel wishlist? 

2017 Goals:

And so on to goals. Last year I chose three words to live by, inspired by my friend Anne: CREATE, EARN, SAVE. Looking back over 2016 and my bank balance, which is healthier than it's ever been, I think I did adhere to them pretty well. So this year, I'm choosing EXECUTE. Having now worked for myself for the past 3-4 months, I've realised that I need to work faster and more efficiently if I'm to continue reaching my dreams. There is so much more that I want to be doing, but I need to work better and smarter to achieve everything. I'm also going to get some help and am currently interviewing candidates for an internship (thanks to everyone who has applied!!) And I've made a little list of specific goals that I'd like to accomplish in 2017, which will hopefully keep me on my current path and inspire you to set your own goals! 

1. Become a morning person: 2017 is the year I'm going to get up early. I've never found it easy to get up in the morning, I wake up groggy and generally feel like I'm pulling myself out of a coma. I'm either sleeping too long, going to bed too late or going to bed wired (new rule is not to look at my phone in bed - I set my alarm before I get into bed now). So I'm currently reading The Miracle Morning to inspire me. I urge you to read it too, if waking up earlier is something that you dream of! Ideally I'd love to be up at 6:30 to exercise, meditate and set my goals for the day, and to be able to start work at 9am. For now 7:30 (not every day) is the earliest I'm managing...but I'm persevering.                                 Do you have any great techniques that you use? 

2. Read more & be informed - I spent far too much time on my phone last year, and often before bed flicking through the What's New section on Net-a-porter (ok I still do it) but I'm trying not to do it before I go to sleep and aiming to read more before bed. Not only to relax before I go to sleep, but also to enrich my brain! I'm currently reading Sebastian Faulks' new book Where my Heart Used to Beat. I also want to be more informed and up-to-date on what's going on in the world, politics and in business. Here are some great resources I'm currently tapping                                                                   into: Inc.comBoF, the Guardian (being British), Business Insider.                                                             What are you reading? 

3. Stop comparing: now this is an important one and one I urge you to adopt too. Working within the social media industry can have huge highs (travel, wonderful experiences), but it can also have extreme lows and greatly affect your self-esteem. Theodore Roosevelt wasn't wrong when he said "Comparison is the thief of joy". In fact it's probably biggest stripper of happiness. I've invariably had the habit of going down the social media rabbit hole - those times when you're suddenly looking at some random person's instagram account, not quite knowing how you got there. Or spending 20 minutes scrolling through some gorgeous model's feed, which leaves you feeling fat, inadequate and deflated..   So don't compare, stay focused on yourself and what you're doing, embrace your imperfections - remember we aren't all living the polished life that you see you Instagram. Everyone is human. Here are some great resources: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, Daring Greatly by Brene BrownThe Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte

4. Exercise more:  I know it's a cliche and I say it every year, but I feel I need to put down in writing to make sure I do it. I did make it to my yoga class last night and will be going to Zumba tonight. If I can do a minimum of 2 classes a week that's a good starting point, but I would like to do more to make me stronger, fitter and healthier. 

5. Build Rue Rodier - my blog has been somewhat neglected of late as the majority of my recent work has been connected with my Instagram. But I want to build Rue Rodier into a platform. More interiors & home tours, more outfit posts and more inspiration to get you lovely people living better! I also want to continue photographing/creating content for clients and for Rue Rodier.

What are your 2017 goals? 


L’Odyssée d'un Roi


On Tuesday I ventured south of the Seine for a very special breakfast at Hermes flagship store in Paris’ Saint-Germain-de-Prés, a beautiful space that was designed by the architectural firm, RDAI in a former 1930s swimming pool. The event marked the unveiling of a crystal magnum decanter – one of three of its kind that was made to rest in a bespoke leather trunk crafted by Hermes. This unique decanter, accompanied by four glasses, has been created in collaboration with Hermes, Saint Louis Crystal, Puiforcat and Louis XIII, to be auctioned off by Sotheby’s in New York, Hong Kong and London. The proceeds will go to The Film Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded in 1990 by Martin Scorsese to protect cinema’s heritage - something that's close to my heart, being a big film buff! This project celebrates adventure, discovery and luxury travel at its best, so it’s only apt that the decanter be filled with an exclusive blend of the world’s finest and most travelled champagne cognac – Louis XIII, an intense, rich liquor with notes of leather, nutmeg and coffee that has been served aboard the likes of the Orient Express and Concord. 

I was invited to taste it – I don’t usually have the stomach for potent spirits (the type to put hairs on your chest), but it’s not every day that Louis XIII requests your company to try a very exclusive cognac, one so rich in history. So I obliged and as the Director of Louis XIII described, the deep gold liquid did indeed wash over my tastebuds in delicious waves. Find out more here

Created in collaboration with Hermes & Saint Louis. 

Back to Work with My Blend

With the summer holidays behind me, plus a trip to the Maldives under my belt, I am firmly in camp rentrée - France's phrase for 'Back to Work'. So as I get my September schedule in check and prepare for further travelling, there's no better time to reveal a video that I made along with My Blend earlier this year. As the name suggests, My Blend is a concept created by Dr Olivier Courtin that enables the user to concoct their very own blend of creams dependent on their skin type and lifestyle. Using one cream as a base, you add boosters (serums) that are recommended to you after a consultation. It's very clever stuff and I'm surprised no one has come up with the idea before! We are all unique and so is our skin and its needs. In the video I was paired with French blogger Aude Sakamari from My Name is Odd, to highlight how very different skin can be, even if we might lead a similar lifestyle. I was recommended the Antioxidant+ booster, to aid my skin when it's been subjected to too much pollution and the Speedy Recovery booster that is perfect for someone who travels extensively.

Skincare is something that has been important to me from a young age, instilled in me by my mum who insisted I start wearing moisteriser to protect my face in my early teens. Thanks to a combination of good genes and a long-engrained morning and night cream routine, I look younger than you may think I am, and now with a little help from My Blend I hope to stay that way! Anyway I'll leave you to watch the video below to see how it works. 

Created in collaboration with My Blend

Going Beyond Convention with Infiniti

You may have noticed from my Instagram early last week that I took a quick trip to Chamonix. It's been years since I ventured to the French Alps, so when I was invited to go with Infiniti, I jumped at the chance to see some snow. I'm not one for the cold, but when I'm all wrapped up with feet crunching through pretty white powder - that's another thing entirely. If it's going to be cold, it might as well be done properly. 


After a fast flight to Geneva, we were greeted by the Infiniti team. I was told to bring my driver's license, but I didn't actually think they'd let me drive! But I did, on five hours sleep - thank god for automatic gears and a very smooth ride  - (the QX70 is definitely one of the most comfortable cars I've driven). After driving across the Swiss/French border and along the winding motorways, through the towering Alps, wemade it safe and sound to our chalets, where we were staying the night and later cooking with chef Simone Zanoni - the head chef at Gordon Ramsey's 2 Michelin-starred restaurant, the Trianon Palace in Versailles. 

While a few went off to ski, a group of us were whisked off in our chariots to a near-by farm to taste local cheeses, bread and wine, and to cuddle baby lambs -yup, I think we got the good deal. While the others were freezing on the slopes (the weather conditions weren't ideal for skiing that  day), we were warm and cosy inside, munching on cheese, bread, pumpkin soup and tasting various different wines. After a little tour of the farm, which made its own flour - a key ingredient for Simone's highly-anticipated pasta making course later that day, we headed back to the chalets to be kitted out with aprons and cook. An afternoon of cooking and warming up by the fire, was followed by champagne and cocktails, and then sitting down to dine on a delicious menu of chestnut soup, pumpkin filled tortellini, beef and panna cotta. After  over-eating Italian-style - all ingredients were fresh, so I didn't feel the usual guilt at attempting to finish every dish, I wandered down to my chalet in a warm, fuzzy haze and drifted off to sleep. 

Photos of me by Joann Pai, wearing: Hat, ME+EM (similar here) |  Jumper, ME+EM (similar here) | Scarf, & Other Stories (similar here) | Jacket, Sandro (similar here)

Thanks to Infiniti for making this trip possible. All views my own.



I ventured over the the 11th on Friday lunchtime with Cindy - an arrondissement I'm migrating to more and more these days - to check out the recently opened


. A canteen/culinary agency, Pickled (cute name by the way), was set up by two friends: food designer, Myrtille and chef, Amandine. I'm all for women teaming up and doing business together and they seem to make quite a pair. They've created a welcoming, beautifully thought out space with an equally aesthetically pleasing menu - as you might expect from a food designer and chef duo. I took my camera along just in case and couldn't help but snap a few shots of the food and interior. If you're looking for kitchen storage solution inspiration, this is the place - I love that white wire wall. 

Amandine and Myrtille serve a daily changing menu with seasonal ingredients. We tried the pickled yellow pepper and coriander cream 'le Plat revisté en sandwich' - basically their dish of the day made into a burrito, cauliflower soup and cheesecake to finish. I like to count myself as a bit of a cheesecake connoisseur. Unless there's salted caramel on the menu, it's my go-to dessert, with my favourite being Rachel's blueberry cheesecake (that you can find at her eponymous cafe and in The Broken Arm), but Myrtille and Amandine's offering with sesame crust, drizzled with a refreshing citrusy lemon coulis, might just be my new favourite. 


54 rue Basfroi

Paris 75011

Myrtille and Amandine

The Parisian Kitchen

I’m a big foodie. I love to try different foods, discover restaurants and generally eat until my heart’s content, but I’m not a very inventive or well-practised cook. And I'm not one of those people who can just throw things together et voila! I have my go-to dishes that I return to time and time again, such as chili, or I consult one of my many cookbooks (25 at last count - which are admittedly more for decoration) and try to recreate a recipe, but often fail as I'll be missing a quarter of the ingredients.

So being invited to

The Parisian Kitchen

was a chance to get a little more creative in the kitchen and learn to cook some typically French dishes. Run by the lovely Bénédicte, she launched the venture earlier this year out of her love of cooking - a passion she'd inherited from her mother. Having worked in the luxury goods industry, Bénédicte wanted to do something a little more personal. Located in her gorgeous apartment in the 17th, she welcomed my friend


and I with tea and coffee on a Tuesday morning a couple of weeks ago. The first part of the morning was taken up by a trip to her local market and cheese shop to buy fresh produce (along with explanations from Bénédicte - who knew there were so many different types of onions!) that would be used for the three course menu that she'd planned for us to make together. We then spent the next couple of hours cooking (or they did, while I snapped away) before sitting down to the most delicious feast! 

We cooked & ate the following:

Cream of asparagus soup, foie gras froth and truffle oil 

Coley with a citrus dressing

Vegetable pie pastry 

Chocolate soufflé


Last weekend I spent a few days with my Father. It's not often that I have the chance to spend quality time with him, let alone a whole weekend doing the things we enjoy most. So when were were invited to stay at

Palace Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme

for Father's Day in collaboration with a new book written by U2's Bono, aptly entitled

Sons & Fathers

(celebrating the relationship between sons and fathers, and daughters and fathers), I jumped at the opportunity.

After checking in we quickly changed and headed down to the terrace for cocktails in the sun - no better way to start. Just past 8pm we were taken to our table in


, the hotel's one michelin-starred restaurant, headed up by chef Jean-Francois Rouquette. We were immediately welcomed by the sommelier who served us with a glass of champagne each; a preview to what was to come - one of the most indulgent and delicious meals I have ever had in my life! Four hours later we had eaten around 10 courses (honestly, I lost count), each with its own wine pairing that varied from white and red wine, to port. Considering I was already feeling a little merry following the first cocktail, it took all my energy I could muster, to not reveal my impending silliness.

The next morning, after sleeping in one seriously comfortable bed (wider than it was long!), I recovered from my hangover, with perfectly-cooked poached eggs and avocado, while dad munched his way through the buffet that was laden with pastries, fruit and cereals.

At 11:30am, a driver came to collect us and we drove out the

Fondation Louis Vuitton

. Dad introduced me to the wonders of art when I was young, so it was great to discover one of Frank Ghery's most recent creations with him. If you haven't been yet, I urge you too - an incredible feat of architecture, it's worth visiting just for the building itself - with the art inside being an added bonus. We returned to the hotel, gorged ourselves on burgers, changed and were collected early evening by our driver to enjoy a classical music concert (as one does) in Sainte Chapelle, a beautiful gothic medieval church situated on Isle Saint Louis. After being serenaded by Vivaldi's Four Seasons, we sauntered down the river to Chez Julien for one last indulgent supper. 

- Thanks to Park Hyatt for making the weekend so memorable! 

O Coffeeshop

As you may know by now, I'm a sucker for a good looking coffee.

O Coffeeshop

- a pop-up cafe on rue du Sentier in the 2ème that's open every morning from 7:30 to 11:30am - ticks all the boxes. Not only is the coffee good and the latte art spot on (as is the toasted banana bread), but the interior surroundings are also beautiful. O Coffeeshop has parked its coffee cart in the dark and moody space of La Conserverie, a speakeasy-style cocktail bar that's been decked out in rich marine blues and forest greens - colours I couldn't help but capture, when I visited the space with



Acorn magazine

 last week. 

O Coffeeshop at La Conserverie

37 rue du Sentir

Monday - Friday, 7:30-11:30am


My lovely friend


bought these beauties for me for my birthday last weekend. While I was setting up the flat plan of all my gorgeous gifts, I noticed the way the light was falling against the white board and decided to do a little ranunculus photo study. These flowers are exquisitely beautiful - not only how the petals fan out in small layers from the centre so delicately and precisely, but also the way in which the pink colour concentrates at their edge, like they've been dipped in pink ink. I hope you enjoy the photos! 

Manila: Commune Café

Commune Café

 is tucked between sky-rise apartment and office buildings, on the corner of a street in Makati. It looks a little out of place, but acts as a welcome haven for a coffee, breakfast or as a stop to wile away a few hours. We tried our first Filipino breakfast here - pork torcino with rice and a fried egg, which was surprisingly delicious. For someone who is used to cereal and fruit in the morning it sounded a little too much like dinner for my liking, but more fool me for not having tried it earlier. The coffee was also good, as was the cookie cupcake with salted caramel ice-cream. Now if someone can just tell me where I can get my hands on those green coffee mugs and saucers that would be great. Anyone? 

Commune Cafe

Liberty Plaza,

102 H.V. Dela Costa Street,

Salcedo Village, Makati City

RR Recommends: Ceramicists

The Object Enthusiast


Paper & Clay


Helen Levi


One Suite Studio

You may have noticed from a few of my posts that I have a thing for ceramics. There's something about their unique handmade quality that I find particularly beautiful, considering the love and time that goes in to them. I've mentioned a couple of times that my mum makes pots, but what I probably didn't mention is that she has a little studio down at the bottom of the garden 

Poddington Peas

 style (you'll have to have been raised in the UK to get that one), complete with potters wheel. Over Christmas I thought I'd try my hand at it. She's been making ceramics off and on for years - in fact it helped cure her post natal depression - and every time I go back to visit, I leave laden with bowls, pots and dishes in various shapes, sizes and glazes, which are currently spread all over the apartment - some purely for decoration and others that have adopted specific uses. My new year's resolution is to learn, as I've been looking for a hobby that doesn't give me square eyes. Last year I started following quite a few ceramic artists on Instagram, so thought I'd share a few of my favourites.

Are you taking up a new hobby this year?