Cherry Blossom

The best thing about spring, beside the bluer skies and warmer temperatures is how nature suddenly blooms, spreading an incredible bouquet through the trees in the form of cherry blossom. I spotted this pretty tree while cycling through the 11ème yesterday on the way back home from a photo assignment,  in front of a not so aesthetically pleasing 70's building. Photos of these fluffy pink, cotton candy-esque blooms are going to be popping up on blogs and Instagram all over the world, so I'm knowingly jumping on the bandwagon here, but how can I not take photos when nature throws this kind of beauty at me and I have a camera in my bag?! 

Paris in the Springtime

Before the pretty blossoms completely vanish from Paris, I thought I better post these photos of the pink and white candy floss trees at Jardin des Plantes that I took a couple of weeks ago. Paris is beautiful this time of year, when the trees suddenly burst into colour. There are little pockets of blossom all around Paris - with these being some of the most photographed trees in Paris. But you can see why. Scroll down for an overdose of blossom! 

Spring Essential: Le Tote

Nothing updates a wardrobe for spring like a new tote, and this

stone blue number

from J.Crew is just the ticket for me. It's big enough to hold all my daily essentials, including my laptop, this fun

cork notebook

I picked up while in Manila whilst in the Philippines, as well as this month's must-read - the new 

Cereal magazine

, complete with a fresh redesign. I love the colour and funnily enough already have a small clutch and silk top from COS in the same shade, which didn't even cross my mind when choosing it. Something subconsciously must have drawn me to it!

What will you be updating your wardrobe with this spring?