Back to Work with My Blend

With the summer holidays behind me, plus a trip to the Maldives under my belt, I am firmly in camp rentrée - France's phrase for 'Back to Work'. So as I get my September schedule in check and prepare for further travelling, there's no better time to reveal a video that I made along with My Blend earlier this year. As the name suggests, My Blend is a concept created by Dr Olivier Courtin that enables the user to concoct their very own blend of creams dependent on their skin type and lifestyle. Using one cream as a base, you add boosters (serums) that are recommended to you after a consultation. It's very clever stuff and I'm surprised no one has come up with the idea before! We are all unique and so is our skin and its needs. In the video I was paired with French blogger Aude Sakamari from My Name is Odd, to highlight how very different skin can be, even if we might lead a similar lifestyle. I was recommended the Antioxidant+ booster, to aid my skin when it's been subjected to too much pollution and the Speedy Recovery booster that is perfect for someone who travels extensively.

Skincare is something that has been important to me from a young age, instilled in me by my mum who insisted I start wearing moisteriser to protect my face in my early teens. Thanks to a combination of good genes and a long-engrained morning and night cream routine, I look younger than you may think I am, and now with a little help from My Blend I hope to stay that way! Anyway I'll leave you to watch the video below to see how it works. 

Created in collaboration with My Blend