Bon weekend!

I'm a big believer in going on adventures, however small. Moving to Paris was obviously a big adventure, but I also try to go to two new places a year - this year I went to Istanbul and Budapest and I love weekends away. Although I've already been, I'm off to Brussels tomorrow for the weekend - home of waffles and chocolate - and I can't wait. I've been to the Belgium capital a couple of times already, but it's a good place to go from Paris - easy to get to, it only takes an hour and a half by train and the first time I went, I was surprised by how much I liked it, so am always keen to go back. 

It's not a city that seems to gets a lot of good press, perhaps because the weather is so bad - worse than England, but the architecture is really beautiful, with inconsistent terraced buildings in darker brick or stone - very different to Paris' uniform 19th century Haussmann buildings, and especially the magnificent main square or 'Grand Place' with 17th century Baroque stuccoed buildings that look like they're out of a fairy tale. There's also a plethora of vintage shops, galleries, restaurants and cute cafes. I'll be popping up photos early next week so check back in with me then! What are you up to this weekend?