Favourite French Blogs

Since starting Rue Rodier I've discovered a multitude of blogs. Once I discover one, I look at the blogroll and discover another five and so on, as if the blogs were breeding - such is the nature of the internet. So being based in Paris I thought I'd pick a few of my favourite French blogs, which are a mix of food, photography, fashion and overall lifestyle and ones that I can get lost in for days...

First up is Mimi Thorisson of Manger, a recent find after a friend mentioned the blog to me over a bento box at Nanashi last week. When I got home I immediately Googled Mimi, dumbfounded that I hadn't heard about her before. Better late than never. Manger is beautifully laid out, simple in style with all the focus going on the photos of food. Mimi's a former journalist who recently moved to the Medoc with her family and blogs about her time there, cooking, baking, taking strolls in the idyllic countryside and meeting the locals. It helps that she's beautiful, has two equally adorable children and that her husband is a professional photographer - all the ingredients to make a perfect food blog. But even better than that, Mimi really knows how to cook, recording recipes of hearty French cooking that that'll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially now that the weather's colder. 

Next is Paris in Four Months. I could spend hours (and admittedly have) scrolling through Swedish native, Carin Olsson's blog that she started a few years ago to document her move to Paris. When she's not shooting Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl, clad in an array of colourful outfits in the Jardin de Tuileries or in the shadow of the Torre Eiffel, she's wandering around Paris, with her camera in hand capturing the city's beauty with a magical, pinky glow.

The vibrant colour-saturated photos on of Alix's blog, Cherry Blossom Girl, always brighten up a grey day - even the name is cheerful. And the formula is simple - photos of her dressed in different outfits, and shot in beautiful locations, against a backdrop of quirky monochrome illustrations.   

Not strictly French anymore as Garance Dore now lives in New York, but Garance's eponymous blog, is the original French blog, and one that inspired me to start my own. What makes her blog so special, to me anyway, is that despite becoming one of the world's most famous bloggers and collaborating with big name brands, Garance has managed to maintain the sweetness and down to earthness, as well as her signature style - a focus on illustration - that made her blog such a huge success in the first place. I also recently watched a couple of Google hangouts she hosted to answer career questions from students and aspiring creatives, which are incredibly inspiring. If you're in need of some (inspiration), I suggest you watch them here, here and here.

Which ones are your favourites?