In her shoes

I've had a pretty crazy couple of weeks, hence there hasn't been much action going on here. I've moved twice (and I'm still in temporary accommodation), travelled back and forth to London for a couple of days, had two interviews, covered Paris Fashion Week, collaborated with a brand and caught a cold. Must be the change in temperature, or a little thing called stress. 

I've also had to really get my act in gear to get everything done, which admittedly I should have sorted last year when I moved to Paris. Like get a phone contract, apply for a French bank account and get my social security card, which entitles me to free healthcare. No easy feat. If you live in Paris, then you'll know what I'm talking about, if not, may you never have to walk in my shoes. But that isn't to say that it's not all been worth it. Despite all of these things, I love living in Paris, and enjoy all of the little challenges the city of lights throws at me as an expat in a foreign city.

So I thought a post with lots of shoes, pretty, colourful shoes (because colourful is how I'd describe my life right now) designed by British footwear designer, Nicholas Kirkwood for his Autumn/Winter 2014 collection - that I went to check out at the Almine Rech Gallery in Paris, during Paris Fashion Week - fit the bill perfectly, to illustrate my current state of affairs. 

Photos by Marissa Cox.