Paris in Pictures

I got back to Paris late Saturday night from London, with the hope that I'd arrive in Paris with the energy to go for a glass of wine. I'd actually booked my ticket for early Saturday evening with this notion in mind. Of course I felt just the opposite; I'm not a great sleeper, but there's something about the rhythmic movement of a train that always makes me feel seriously dopey or sends me to sleep. So I trekked home and we put on our new obsession, Game of Thrones. I'll be quite glad when we've finished the 3rd series, so I can have my life back! 

No drinks Saturday night, meant I had a nice long sleep and woke feeling quite fresh, so after a hearty English breakfast, we walked to the 10th arrondissement near the canal so I could take a few snaps. It wasn't really sunny out yesterday, but the temperature was mild and the light bright, so I managed to capture the above. I particularly love the photos of the 10th Mairie (town hall) at the top. Which is your favourite?

Photography by Marissa Cox.