Garance Doré x Rifle Paper Co

There are some things that I've just never really thought of doing, and going to a launch to meet someone I admire, is one of them. But then I'm in Paris, so here's to new experiences. Yesterday I joined Lauren and Katie on an afternoon trip to the uber cool Colette store, so we could go geek out at the beautiful new collaboration between French power blogger and illustrator, Garance Doré and gorgeous Florida-based stationary company, Rifle Paper Co. I've been a big fan of Rifle Paper Co for a while now, so when I saw that Founder and Creative Director, Anna Bond had announced on her Instagram that the launch of the new collection would be in Paris, I thought well why not go?

After filling our bellies with burgers from Razowski's, we got to Colette early so we could get a good look at the collection before the hoards swarmed in. Colette is busy at the best of times, but this week is Paris Fashion Week, so we expected carnage. And to add to that, Carine Roitfeld was also signing copies of her book downstairs.

I got a few snaps of the cards that have been beautifully adorned with Garance's signature illustrations and then we lined up so Lauren could get one of her cards signed by the lady herself. After lots of giggling, cooing and instagramming, we then spotted Anna who was clearly enjoying her role out of the spotlight a little too much. We quickly put a stop to that and went over to chat to her. She was lovely, and graciously accepted our overly-excited fan club behaviour (thanks Anna) and group photos. After getting a little hot and bothered from all that excitement we headed out for a bit of fresh air and to think about who we could go get nerdy over next.

Garance Dore
Anna Bond

Rifle Paper Co

Image credit: Rifle Paper Co

I have a thing about cards. I love to send and receive birthday cards, postcards and just regular cheer-me-up cards. I've been known to tell my friends off when they don't get me birthday cards (I spend ages choosing what I think is the right card to suit their personality) and I've even scolded my boyfriend not once, but twice when he first didn't get me a Christmas card for our first Christmas together and then for the first birthday I spent with him last year. So this birthday, which was at the beginning of May (my 30th), he got his own back and sneakily messaged a load of my friends and asked them (I'm sure bullied in some cases) to send birthday cards for me to his office so he could surprise me with a whole stack when I got home. He even strung them up over the windows. It was very sweet and totally made my day.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is the beautiful Florida based hand made card boutique, Rifle Paper Co. After reading owner and founder, Anna Bond's interview on EveryGirl (I know, I'm a little late to the party), I happily spent a bit too much time scrolling through the shop and then her blog. Here are a few of my favourite designs: