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I have a thing about cards. I love to send and receive birthday cards, postcards and just regular cheer-me-up cards. I've been known to tell my friends off when they don't get me birthday cards (I spend ages choosing what I think is the right card to suit their personality) and I've even scolded my boyfriend not once, but twice when he first didn't get me a Christmas card for our first Christmas together and then for the first birthday I spent with him last year. So this birthday, which was at the beginning of May (my 30th), he got his own back and sneakily messaged a load of my friends and asked them (I'm sure bullied in some cases) to send birthday cards for me to his office so he could surprise me with a whole stack when I got home. He even strung them up over the windows. It was very sweet and totally made my day.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is the beautiful Florida based hand made card boutique, Rifle Paper Co. After reading owner and founder, Anna Bond's interview on EveryGirl (I know, I'm a little late to the party), I happily spent a bit too much time scrolling through the shop and then her blog. Here are a few of my favourite designs:

Petit Paris

I'm still catching up from being away in London, so I thought I'd show you a few of the things I love about living in Paris:

No where does wrought iron balconies quite like Paris, and the windows wouldn't be French without shutters. We have them on all the windows of our flat, but they're not quite as beautiful as the ones below.

I live 10 minutes south of Sacre-Coeur and every time I walk up our street I see it perched on the hill surveying its city. At the top you have the most amazing view of Paris' rooftops.

Cafe culture is big in Paris. They don't have pubs like in London, so everyone sits out front on round tables and wicker chairs watching the world go by. The only unfortunate thing is that the French are not experts in coffee-making (despite being experts in every other culinary aspect) so if you do go to one of the traditional cafes I'd advise you against ordering a coffee (go for chocolat chaud), especially a cappuccino - you'll get a tiny cup of weak coffee with a mountain of froth on top. My advice is go to one of these that I wrote about earlier - the Aussies are slowly sneaking in and changing how Paris serves coffee, just like they did in London. Here's a great article in the FT about the burgeoning coffee trend.

What do you like about Paris?

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