Christmas chez moi with Maison Chaumet & The Socialite Family

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a little festive fete in honour of luxury French jewellery house, Maison Chaumet and The Socialite Family, who came to photograph my apartment as part of their Christmas campaign, Winter Stories. We spruced the place up and created a table spread filled with eucalyptus, red berries and cake. Then my boyfriend and I adorned ourselves in beautiful Chaumet jewels and watches from the Liens collection that let's be honest, I didn't want to take off. And if it hadn't been for the bodyguard, I might have made a run for it, or stuffed them into my pocket to later wrap up as a well-deserved Christmas gift to myself. 

You can read the full interview with The Socialite Family here.


Created in collaboration with Maison Chaumet and The Socialite Family