Market Fleurs

One of my favourite things to do when I'm home in France is go to the market (simple pleasures). Finally the weather and me being in Paris for the weekend convened, so this morning I donned my off-the-shoulder Ganni top (it's a little more than I'd usually pay, but great quality and actually stays off the shoulder, unlike most tops which seem to pop off every time I lift my arms) that I picked up in Copenhagen last week, my (self-labeled) ugly sandals, which I happen to love (hopefully I'm managing to pull them off and don't look like I'm about to go on a hike into the Amazon - although obviously I plan to wear them for that too!) and picked up a couple of Velibs (another favourite past-time) and cycled to the market at Bastille. There we ate oysters (there are a couple of stalls where you can get 6 for 6€ and a plastic cup of white wine for 2€ (the best kind of sunday lunch), followed by canelés, picked up the week's food shopping and bought that all-important bunch of flowers (white peonies!) for an Instagram photo (clearly the real reason for a market visit). You can see it all on my snapchat: marissacoxparis. 

// Ganni top //

I'm wearing Ganni top //  Ray Bans // Lancome lipstick

I'm wearing Ganni top // COS jeans // Teva Sandals // Ray Bans // Iris & Ink bag, similar here // Lancome lipstick

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