Driving through the Croatian coast with Nissan

I'm wearing: Ganni T Shirt, similar here & here / Levis jeans / Sezane sneakers / Fossil watch / APC bag, similar here / COS Green Bomber Jacket, similar here & here

I've just come back from a fast & furious trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia with Nissan to test-drive their new Micra. I hadn't driven in a year, and last time it was in an automatic, so I was excited, but honestly a little apprehensive to get back into the driving seat, albeit on other side of the road. I'm now used to driving on the right in France (we drive on the left in the UK), but I did have to muster up some confidence. Luckily the new Micra was a dream to drive and once I remembered where the clutch was (ha!), it was responsive and quick, and took those Croatian coastal corners like a trooper. Plus mine matched my lipstick ;) It was a quick trip that meant I mainly saw sea views (obviously nothing to be sniffed at!) and only had around an hour to see Dubrovnik Old City, but as it was off season and there were hardly any tourists, I could easily whip around the cobbled streets to capture a few shots. Do you drive? And have you been to Dubrovnik? Having now been during high (August) and low season (January) - I suggest you go while it's still a little chilly, but sunny enough for sunglasses. 

Check out my belated Dubrovnik post here (from last year) for what to see and where to eat. 

I'm wearing: Ganni T Shirt, similar here & here / Levis jeans / Sezane sneakers / Fossil watch / APC bag, similar here / COS Green Bomber Jacket, similar here & here

Dubrovnik in a Day

Last year I visited Dubrovnik during my trip to Croatia and completely forgot to post my photos. So here's a little guide below. We ended up staying on Lopud island and took the ferry into Dubrovnik for the day as it was less hectic. I'd definitely advise you to do this during high season!

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  • Climb the city wall for views
  • Wander through the cloisters – this was probably the only place that wasn’t heaving with tourists
  • Visit the castle
  • Ride the cable car for panoramic views of the city 


Dinner at Mandrac on Lopud Island

Dinner at Mandrac on Lopud Island

Lunch at Barba

Lunch at Barba

Obonjan Festival

Obonjan is place you won't believe exists until you visit. Dubbed a holiday with a twist it's that and so much more. Part music festival, part glamping site, part wellbeing getaway- it's a must-visit for anyone looking for a festival off the beaten track or a very different holiday experience. Think island living, sunrise yoga, fine-dining, mind-expanding workshops, cocktails by the beach (or pool), followed by dancing the night away under one of the most beautiful night skies I've ever seen (that gave its own show of shooting stars). Equally it's for anyone who loves to unwind in the downward dog position (I'm a convert) and wants to explore wellbeing in all its forms, including meditation and hypnosis.

A 45minute boat-ride from Sibenik, the island of Obanjan was originally occupied by one man and his dog. The organisers (the boys behind Unknown Festival) had to create the infrastructure from the ground up, installing running water, electricity, accommodation, restaurants, bars and music venues. It was a huge and ambitious undertaking, but despite a rocky start I'm more than sure this place is going to be on everyone's wish list next summer. We arrived on the opening weekend so it wasn't completely set up yet,  but this unique place surrounded by turquoise blue waters and all it has to offer, overshadowed any logistical hiccups. What I loved most, what with perhaps being (cough) a little older than your average festival goer, was that I didn't have to scrimp on creature comforts - our Forest Lodge that came complete with an ensuite bathroom and terrace, was basically a much cooler hotel room and it was a five minute walk to a morning yoga session, one minute to the sea and ten to a restaurant. I already want to go back, or perhaps I'll move there next summer. 

Thanks to Obonjan for hosting me! 


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