Courchevel 1850

If you watch my Instagram Stories, you would have seen that I spent the last few days in Courchevel. This was a very special trip for me, not just because I went with my boyfriend and friends, and visited one of the world's leading ski destinations, but because I finally put on a pair of skis for the first time since I was a teenager. For years I've been wanting to return to the icing sugar slopes and ski with Evian mountains looming behind me, but the timing just hadn't been right. But finally I found myself on the slopes looking up at the most incredible mountain views and bright blue skies. After getting stuck on the slopes a few times and suffering a couple of panic attacks - I am a bit afraid of heights and just hadn't built up my confidence enough yet to ski down a steep slope - I remembered how much I enjoyed (and the immense freedom that goes with it) skiing down a side of a mountain. It's addictive, and coupled with après ski activities, such as hot chocolate, fondue cheese for dinner and dancing either at an outside bar, ski boots an' all or in a lavish club at night - I now want to go back every year! Are you a ski-er? 

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