New York City Light

On my last day in New York I woke up at the crack of dawn to head out to take some photos, as any wise photographer does (or should) at least once while they're visiting another city. Besides golden hour (just before sunset), early morning offers up some of the best light to shoot in. Getting up early and venturing out is something I’m trying to do on every trip I take, despite not being a morning person. If it wasn’t for Marta knocking on my door – I would have dove down deeper into my duvet, I was so tired. It was the morning after the KitchenAid dinner (If you've been following my Stories you would have seen that I was in town as I was part of their new Mini Mixer campaign!) Anyway more on that later and back to the light. I'm making this post short and sweet, but wanted to accumulate all the photos where light played the main part in different spots around New York. Hope you like it.