Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is one of my favourite John Hughes films that addresses social cliques, class, love and personal style in an 80s American high-school. It's about not fitting in and grappling with staying faithful to your individuality, versus following the crowd. All themes that I thought very apt for this post. If you haven't watched it, I urge you to! I recently read Lucy Williams' account of how she'd finally found her happy place at Fashion Week and it resonated with me. While I was never a fashion assistant for a prolonged time period (although I did a month's stint interning as a fashion assistant for a UK based magazine, followed by freelancing for the Style Editor during my second year of university), I have been attending fashion weeks (mainly in London) for close to 7 years. Before I moved to Paris, I edited an East London-based arts and culture website, which involved writing about and commissioning photographers to cover London Fashion Week, and I've written on and off about fashion for other publications. In spite of my experience, I'll be honest and say that I have never felt entirely confident attending shows, until this season. Despite fashion's democratisation through social media, it is still an elitist industry and can be hard to penetrate. Because I was never immersed in the world from the beginning of my career, like friends who studied it at university - but instead came at it from an angle of interest having been attracted by its art, creativity and theatre - I've always felt a little intimidated and like I didn't quite belong. Ironically many of my best friends work in fashion for incredible brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton and Net-a-Porter. It clearly comes down to confidence and feeling comfortable forging my own path.

Slowly, but surely I've been finding my feet - making friends in the circuit that means I don't attend shows alone - it can indeed be a lonely place and although my personal style feels ever-evolving, I'm getting to a place where I know what suits me and where I can and can't push my sartorial boundaries. Hopefully I can inspire you and others to be more outgoing in their style choices and feel more confident about what they wear, yet remaining uniquely you - as I truly believe that clothes can empower. It's about finding what works for you and your body shape and not necessarily about following the trends. As the inimitable Yves Saint Laurent once said: "Fashions fade, style is eternal." Although trends can be fun to follow - take this pink coat for example, pink is one of this season's must-have shades (if you've been following the shows and regularly read fashion magazines) and I'll freely admit that I jumped headfirst onto the bandwagon here. I perhaps wouldn't have worn it before seeing it crop up on the catwalks last season, but styled in the right way, i.e with accessories that are more me - I feel incredibly comfortable and stylish in it - much like Andy does in the pink prom dress she fashioned herself in Pretty in Pink

I'd love to hear your thoughts about fashion - do you religiously follow trends? Do you attend the shows? And how have you found your sartorial comfort zone? 

I'm wearing: Chalayan Coat, similar here and here / Garrett Leight Sunglasses / Levis Jeans / Martiniano Shoes, similar here and here / Clare V round leather bag, similar here / MIH Jeans Breton Striped Top

Photos by Dimitra Sereti, edited by me.