Notes from the Weekend

It's been crazy hot in Paris this last week - the


(heatwave) has been long lingering. I love the heat, but even I have been suffering. Living in the 4th floor of a Hausmann building, which is usually wonderful with the sun streaming in in the mornings, has turned into a greenhouse slash sauna. It's been so hot that I've been fantasising about air-conditioning (something that's pretty unusual for me - I'm used to expressing how cold I am on a daily basis, much to the boy's annoyance). Yet the heat didn't stop us getting out and about on Saturday, as my mum and her partner were visiting for the weekend. Opting for cycling over the equally sauna-like metro, we rented Velib bikes and cycled to the Pompidou in search of air con and art. We sauntered around the inspiring

Le Corbusier

exhibition, lingering to enjoy the cool air, and then headed over to

Bob's Kitchen

for lunch. We spent the rest of the weekend cycling and wandering around Paris in search ice-cream and air con, while I snapped a few photos. 

A few links/discoveries:

- I drooled over this gorgeous


- we're off to Santorini the end of August of a wedding and can't wait!

- I started reading

US by David Nichols

and am already enjoying it

- I'm excited to see Cereal's

New York

city guide - I'll be helping with the Paris guide later in the year

- I checked out

Ob la di cafe

& Kitsune's newest cafe on Rue Amelot last week

- Ate at the new

Grand Coeur

in the Marais - bit pricey, one for special occasions, but beautiful interior (marble-topped tables and stone walls) and a huge terrace