Summer in the south

Paris in August is an eerie place. Shops, cafes and restaurants shut, sometimes for the entire month. Residents vacate the city, leaving only a few locals who blissfully enjoy the calm streets and baffled tourists trying to find somewhere decent to eat. 

So unless you're on holiday too, it's a good time for weekends away. Our friends parents have a beautiful house in the south of France, so we drove there on Friday night. The first part of the journey was through a raging storm that seemed to dump its anger on us, until we were 3 hours away from Paris when suddenly the skies cleared, a rainbow appeared and the temperature rose 10 degrees. Bliss.

We spent our time eating good, fresh food, basking in the sunshine, lying by the pool, playing table tennis, badminton and petanque (had to work off the mountains of baguettes, butter and fig jam I was scoffing every morning), swimming in the




river (highly recommended if you get the chance) and exploring




, one of the Plus Beaux Villages of France. Afraid I only took a few photos, as I was trying to relax (of course the fact that I'm posting these photos kind of undermines that I guess...) Hope you like them anyway.