Lunch at Ladurée

I had one of the loveliest Saturday's this long weekend, which helped kick me out of my slump. I met

Carin at Caféotheque for coffee to help her with a photography assignment. After taking a few snaps of the pretty turquoise tables, we then meandered over to Ladurée

, wandering through the winding cobbled streets of Saint Germain, which in the sun is a real treat, especially when we chose to walk down tiny streets we hadn't discovered before. This is one of the best things about Paris, you can stray off the beaten tourist track, without ever really getting lost. Of course, we did walk down a few dead ends, but sometimes these are the best for a good photo op. 

At Ladurée we shared a chicken club sandwich, which I highly recommend as they come big - with chunky fries - followed by a few macarons (the caramel salé is a personal favourite), which we gobbled up (in the daintiest possible way, of course) in the booth by the window for all passer-bys to see!