Catching light at the Louvre

I'm finally getting around to posting these photos I took at the Louvre last Monday. It was 14 juillet or Bastille Day to most, which not only means big national celebrations, but also free entry to most museums around Paris. Win win. So I took full advantage, having not been to the Louvre for oh, about 7 years...and had a good nosey around. You could spend hours in here, and I did. The place is huge. I headed straight to the Egyptians and made my way through the ancient civilisations, through the statue hall and up to the apartments of Napoleon and Marie Antoinette. I spent at least three hours wandering around, which included having a drink on the terrace overlooking the pyramids. When it's sunny this is quite possibly one of the best spots in Paris. My feet were a little sore by the end and I did have to dodge a lot of tourists, but it was worth it, especially to capture the shots below.