A Jaunt around Jardin du Luxembourg

After some serious sugar intake at Laduree on Saturday, I was in need of a little walk. I said bye to Carin and trotted off to meet my man for a little jaunt around Jardin du Luxembourg. I'm not usually south of the river (sounding like a typical Londoner here), so wanted to take advantage of our location and see the park. While he found a seat in the sun (watching me take photos can get pretty laborious, I presume), I wandered around the gardens to capture a few shots. Of course the park was packed - people were sunbathing, roaming around and families were sailing boats on the pond, but it was good to be outside. The weather was lovely - a respite from the constant rain we've been having recently, and the atmosphere was warm and relaxed. 

I'd love to know what you think of the photos - and what's your favourite park in Paris?