Month of May

The month of May was a little crazy to say the least. I turned one year older, I settled into my new studio, my mum came to visit - which involved some serious sightseeing around Paris (some in the torrential rain) and one too many ice creams - I took on more freelance work, which included interviewing Paris interior design darling Dorothee Meilichzon

 for the Eurostar's Metropolitan magazine (she designed the decor for Cafe PinsonBeef Club, Hotel Paradis and Prescription Cocktail Club among others), a good friend from London visited me and I generally ran around like a headless chicken. Who needs the gym when you can burn off calories pounding the Parisian streets?! 

So on Sunday over a nice cup of tea, as we Brits like to do, I sat down (in between a brunch with a lovely group of girls and a bbq) to go over a few of my favourite images from my

Instagram feed that I had taken during said crazy month. I printed them out with Polagram, a brilliant app that allows you to print your Instagram photos from your phone. I'm a big believer in the tangible - I like books over the kindle, I love receiving cards (now you know the way to my heart) and I collect magazines. I like to hold things in my hand. So after so many months uploading images into the online world, it's great to be able to print out the physical versions. I think this might become a monthly ritual.