Brussels: La Cambre Abbey

I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again: Brussels is one underrated city. Before I moved to Paris, it wasn't on my radar, let alone a must-go destination. But it's quickly become one of my favourite cities in Europe. Here's the first of a few posts from my weekend there that will hopefully give you a little glimpse as to why you should go (no this post was not sponsored by Brussels tourism office, in case you were wondering.) Since I've been to Brussels a few times already (see my previous post) we decided to check out a place that's a little off the beaten tourist track. It's a beautiful building dating from the 18th century that was founded in medieval times. When we turned up there was a wedding party happening in the grounds - it certainly offers a charming backdrop for photos, cue photo-bombing (it crossed my mind), and when we walked into the church, a choir was rehearsing for a wedding service. I had a bit of competition while I was trying to take photos - a wedding photographer was prowling around setting up shots with two cameras in holsters. Think he fancied himself a bit of an Indiana Jones. But the place pretty, calm and it's a short walk from Cafe de la Presse that does good coffee and cake, at half the price of Paris.