Jardin du Palais-Royal

The weekend weather was a little weird to say the least. One minute rain, the next minute sun and so on. Just like London in fact. I was well and truly duped when I was told Paris weather would be better. 

Luckily the sun came out just long enough on Sunday while I walked with a friend through the Jardin du Palais-Royal, which I'm embarrassed to admit I'd never been to before. I had a lovely day seeing the Dries van Noten exhibition, which if you're in Paris, is a must-see. Followed by a big bowl of udon noodles at Kunitoraya and then a stroll to Café Kitsuné for a takeaway tea. Of course if you go to Café Kitsuné you can't not wander around le Jardin du Palais Royal as it's right there. The flowers were out in full bloom, so I took a few snaps. Hope you like them!