Afternoon Tea Chez Lauren

You might have noticed that my blog has been a little taken up with coffee, tea and cake lately, because that's what I've been doing with my time in Paris at the moment! I love coffee. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know, but being English I'm also a big fan of tea - you can take the girl out of London etc...Luckily I've met a great group of girls who all share my sentiments for a good cuppa, and fortunately for me they can bake too!

The lovely Lauren, who blogs at Folies du Bonheur, invited us to her beautiful flat in the 17th on Saturday for a spot of afternoon tea. She lives in one of those typical Parisian apartments; small, but perfectly formed, with wooden floors and pretty features. It's on the top floor, so she has a great view and plenty of light, which is rare for Paris. And it's really homey - she's a dab-hand at decorating and the space resembles her personal taste. I can't wait to do a little house tour for Apartment Therapy.

I brought strawberries, as without an oven, or kitchen for that matter, I'm not geared up to get crafty in the kitchen at the moment. But Lauren baked biscuits, scones, meringues and Katie baked cupcakes with nutella icing, left over from a crepe night we had at hers last week. We had a lovely time gorging ourselves on sweet treats, drinking copious cups of tea and gassing, as girls do. 

Lauren looking gorgeous in her pretty spring skirt that she made herself!