Places & Spaces: Bicycle Store

I spotted this cool cycling shop, Bicycle Store (17 Boulevard du Temple) near the Marais the other week, on one of my many walks around Paris and thought today the perfect day to post about it. The window painted with white and blue raindrops, which beautifully contrasts the eye-popping fluorescent orange and yellow rain coats, caught my eye, as well as the pristine white bikes lined up outside like soldiers. Inside they sell everything from bike accessories to clothes to see you through bad weather.

It's been raining on and off all morning, and after an aborted mission to work due to a broken down train and no other way to get where I was going, I walked back home through the cold drizzle and was reminded to dig out these photos. I was also lamenting to bike enthusiast, Anna Brones from Foodie Underground on Tuesday how much I missed my bike, which is sadly rotting away in a friend's garden back in London. I know I should have brought it over on the Eurostar, but as is the case in Paris, there's no space to keep it in our flat and as Anna pointed out to me, a lot of bikes are stolen. Our building isn't the most secure, so locking it up in the courtyard wouldn't be a great idea. 

Luckily in Paris we do have a brilliant bike service, the Velib, which on clearer days is a brilliant way to see the city and the best way to get around when it's not raining. 

Do you regularly ride the Velib in Paris or do you have your own bike? 

Photography by Marissa Cox.