Hello November

It's a national holiday in France today and I'm snuggled up on the sofa trying to get some extra freelance work done, without much success. It's not easy trying to work, when you know the rest of the city is relaxing, so I've taken a little break to find some of my favourite pins from the last week. I'm totally in love with this outfit that I found via a friend over on My Dubio, and am thinking how I can replicate it. I already have a very similar black mac from H&M and have been coveting a pair of white Nikes for some time now. 

The photo of the Eiffel Tower beautifully captures the weather outside right now. There are few leaves left on the trees, the sky is a murky grey and the light is subdued, but Paris is still beautiful, even when she's not in bloom. 

Nuno is off work today and made me the most delicious crepes for breakfast - including one with slices of cinnamon apples and smeared with caramel au beurre sale, which reminded me of this apple pie. And if I ever have my minimalist pad, I would love a fire place or a nook to pile logs in - the epitome of winter. Have happy weekends!