Weekend in Pictures: Canterbury

We drove over to Canterbury on Saturday morning to celebrate my mum's 60th. Doesn't she look good for 60?! We bought her that beautiful bouquet of flowers, her favourite Pomander candle from Diptyque and I had organised her a surprise dinner at Deeson's Restaurant with various friends. If you ever drive through Canterbury and are looking for a good place to eat, I suggest you book a table at Deeson's. They serve up tasty British, homegrown food - they source produce locally and they grow and rear much of their menu at their smallholding - their staff are super friendly and helped make mum's evening special. And if you have a weakness for sticky toffee pudding like I do, you won't be disappointed.

We spent Sunday roaming around the cathedral, avoiding the rain and I wanted to practise with my new Canon 50mm 1.4F lens, which I've just bought. Then we had lunch - fish & chips, sausages & mash, and of course Fentiman's ginger beer, one of my favourite drinks, at Quex Barn - a new restaurant/cafe that's an offshoot of Quex Park's Farmer's Market and Restaurant, which also sources local produce as well as growing its own.