Paris Balconies

There's nothing better on a grey and dreary day in Paris, than looking up at the beautiful Haussmann buildings lining the streets and spotting the intricately-detailed wrought iron balconies filled with foliage. The swirls and curls perfectly frame the windows, creating a monochrome silhouette; grey against cream stone that adds a little art to the facades. 

Looking up to appreciate the beauty of the Parisian architecture is particularly important to me at the moment, as I've been finding looking down at the streets increasingly difficult. Not only is there a overwhelming amount of dog doo, creating obstacle courses on the pavements, but there's also an upsetting amount of homeless sleeping rough and begging on the metro. Recently, not a day has gone by that I'm not asked for money. It's something that has been bothering me more and more since I moved here, something that makes me feel incredibly helpless, but also very grateful for what I have. So although this post may sound a little down, it's meant in a positive way and a little reminder to myself and to you to keep looking up and appreciating beauty when it's in front of you! Have wonderful weekends.

Photography by Marissa Cox.