Weekend in Pictures

It was so nice to be back in Paris for a whole weekend and catching up with friends. 

+ Friday we had burgers at La Deppaneur, the burger place run by Paris food truck, Cantine California that they opened a couple of months ago. I've had their tacos, so was eager to try their burgers. They were very tasty, but I'll be honest and say, I'm not sure they were quite worth the €17 we paid for them, although eating out is generally pricier in Paris.
Have you had a great burger at a good place that I should know about?

+ Saturday I struggled, after consuming a little too much wine, so we sought out some fresh orange, carrot and ginger juice from Kooka Boora cafe to ease the pain (also a great place to go if you're a freelancer) followed by a lovely (and very reasonable, at €9) dish of boeuf bourguignon from Le Spank, I know, great name on Avenue Trudaine. And what's more, the owners were the happiest French people I think I've ever met, chipper, and talking and joking around with all of their customers. It was really a nice surprise as Parisian waiters often do live up to their stereotypes...

+ Sunday I ventured into the suburbs of northern Paris, to meet my very sweet friend Philippine. We wandered around a huge flee market and then headed to her parents flat for tea. I couldn't not get a little snap of her next to the very pretty window on the building's staircase. 

Hope you had wonderful weekends.