Portugal in Pictures 1

I'm finally getting around to posting my Portugal photos. I know, I know, they're over two weeks late.
But I do have a good excuse this time. I've been in the UK for the last week - I went down to Canterbury in Kent (where I grew up) last weekend for my friend's wedding. I've known her since I was 11 and was very proud to be asked to be one of her bridesmaids, so it was an extra special weekend. I won't say too much about it in this post, as I'll be writing a dedicated wedding post, but just to say that it was a truly wonderful and beautiful day. 

So, back to Portugal. We ventured north of Porto on the Friday night for a friend's bbq, and the following day went to two of the most beautiful villages I've ever seen with another couple. The first, Caminha, had a beautiful square surrounded by cafes, where locals and tourists were just wiling away time, sipping on expressos and relaxing in the shade. And the second, Vila Nova de Cerveira, which was celebrating its biennial, hence the draped fabric and colourful hanging lanterns across the narrow streets. It was really beautiful, especially the contrast against the bright blue sky. After wandering around the tiny cobbled streets, we settled on a bench outside a little bar/cafe, Tasca do Cais for some home made lemonade and a huge plate of cheese.