Paris in Pictures

Here are a few photos from my last few months in Paris, detailing some of the amazing buildings that I've seen whilst wandering around that I thought I'd share with you.

1, 2 & 3 These are all photos of le Musee de L'histoire de France, run by the National Archives. It's a truly beautiful building. Two buildings originally occupied the site - the Hotel de Soubise and Hotel de Rohan that date back to 1371. In 1705 the Hotel de Soubise was rebuilt and in 1808 Napeoleon got his mitts on them - that's a lot of history. It's set just off the bustling street of rue de Francs-Bougeois in the Marais, and as you walk in you'll notice how calm it is. Like a little tranquil haven in the middle of the busy centre.

4. This was taken in the gardens of le Musee de L'histoire de France. There are various benches dotted about usually occupied by canoodling couples, but if you're lucky you can find a spot to sit. Then sit and wile away time gazing at the old buildings or at the pretty planted flowers, dreaming of past lives and the city's incredible history that seems to whisper from every window and doorway.

5. This is the entrance to le Musee that I thought deserved its own photo. See the gorgeous grey circular turrets. It looks like a mini chateau as you approach the gate from across the street.

6. I took this in Le Place de Vosges, which is without a doubt the most beautiful square in Paris. It's surrounded by rust red buildings, some flats - I'd love to peek inside - and others are cafes and galleries  but many have been turned into business headquarters. I went to see Issey Miyake's mens show in January here as he has his Paris showroom in one of the buildings, lucky man. The centre of the square has been laid with grass and there's a pretty stone fountain in the middle. The garden is lined with hedges and there are these pretty swirly lamp posts on every corner.

7. I'm sure you'll recognise the multi-coloured pipes that soar into the sky. This is a section of the Centre Pompidou, Paris' answer to the Tate Modern, designed by Italian architect, Renzo Piano. It's by far one of my favourite buildings in Paris and I love the juxtaposition of this colourful high tech building nestled amongst the old.

8. Paris windows with shutters. Nothing beats them. I love the fact that most of the windows in Paris (and France) have shutters on them, as thought they've been dressed up for an occasion.