Vintage Finds

I'm still finding my feet with this blog, there are just so many things I want to mention or write about. This has always been the case with me, I just have too many interests, is this a bad thing? I do wonder sometimes, as it means I do tend to flit about a bit and get very distracted. I'm a bit like a magpie in that sense, drawn to something new and exciting as though it were a shiny piece of foil. I had this conversation with a fellow flitter when I was in London last, she's a writer and editor like me, but has many other passions which seep into her work. She recently set up an online vintage accessories, and I told her how I wanted to set up a vintage homeware store, which I'm glad to say is now in progress. (I've only just started, so forgive the lack of products!) We did however come to the conclusion that it was a good thing to have so many passions, but that it was perhaps a little detrimental to finding focus. What do you think?

Anyway, this isn't a particularly new interest, but I've been getting more interested in hunting for vintage finds since I got to Paris. Which is very easy to do in this city, as every week there is a different brocante (flee market) happening on some street in a different arrondissement. See my previous post here, about where you can find them and what sites to look on for dates and locations. I mentioned in Monday's post that we visited Chartres at the weekend, well one of the reasons I wanted to go, besides seeing the magnificent gothic cathedral, was to go to a brocante or antiques market that was happening in one of the squares. I was looking for some vintage cutlery to style the baking posts I'm going to be doing. So thought I'd show them here along with one of the beautiful plates I found a little while ago, that I'm now selling in my Etsy shop here. Have a happy Thursday!