Petit Paris: Fish

Image credit: Fishing in a fish print, available [here]

There is a current culinary craze hitting Paris, and it's not meat, or burgers for that matter. No, it's all about fish. So I thought I'd give you a little run down of the most recent fish restaurants to open, where you can taste the delights of the sea and have a change from those meat-heavy dishes that the city is so famous for.

Fish Club

I'm going to talk about the most recent first, as this place literally popped open two weeks ago to quite a fanfare, which is no surprise considering it was launched by the team behind the Experimental Cocktail Club, Curio Parlor and Beef Club. Fish Club is a Peruvian-style fish tapas bar, so expect oysters, crab and lots of raw fish (ceviche). It also serves lovely cocktails, is decorated like a chic beach hut and has a terrace - perfect for warm sunny days.

58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Le Mary Celeste

Owned by the founders of Candelaria and Le Glass, this place has a simple, but sweet concept. Cocktails and oysters, easy. Of course if you don't like oysters, this won't be the place for you, but if you do, and you like nothing better than slurping down oysters while sipping on a tasty cocktail or glass of cold white wine (my mouth is watering, just writing this) then I suggest you book a table there now.

1 rue Commines

Lobster Bar

Inspired by the humble hot dog, chef Mathieu Mercier decided have a little fun with what he could put in a bun. So he opened Paris' first lobster bar, serving up lobsters in hot dogs. It's a tad strange I know, but somehow it seems to work. Each lobster dog is dished up with tarragon and mayo sauce with a side helping of fries and a salad. It is a little steep at €26 a serving, but you're paying for the experience - the place also looks like an old ship, with wooden benches and white wood panelling, which will make you feel like you've embarked on a voyage out to sea.

41, rue Coquilliere

And a few of my other favourite fish and seafood restaurants are Japanese Rice & Fish, Huitrerie Regis, a teeny tiny place with only four or five tables and Fish La Boissonerie, which although I haven't been, is meant to be very good.