Weekend Wish List #1: 24th May

As it's my first weekend in Paris after going on holiday, there's a lot I want to do and get done, so here's  my ideal weekend and a little guide of what's going on.

+ Friday: See Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books. I studied it in secondary school and again at University - or visit the Chagall exhibition at the Musee du Luxembourg. The place is open 'til 10pm Friday nights.

Then join the Marathon Electronique - basically a bar hop around Oberkampf to Bellville where various artists will spin electronic tunes in each bar.

+ Saturday: go to the opening of Carsten Holler's new exhibition, Avec Carston Holler at Air de Paris, on from 6pm.

+ Sunday: brunch with friends and then have a good rummage around the Gambatta garage sale on Sunday or the brocante (flee market) happening in the 20th. In the evening I'd like to listen to live jazz at Les Idiots bar.