Paris - Istanbul

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We're off on holiday today and I can't wait, even though I'm still feeling rotten - there's nothing like a tummy bug to help you lose weight before going away. We're off to Turkey, as you might have guessed by the title. We were also meant to be going to Lebanon, but sadly, what with the current unstable situation over in Syria, we thought it best to avoid as we not only wanted to go to Beirut, but also Tripoli, which the Foreign Office has advised against travelling to and Baalbek, which is a bit too close to the boarder of Syria for comfort. So we'll go another time, when things settle down. Instead we will fly to Istanbul and then straight to Bodrum and stay in a couple of cute hotels on the coast for a week and then fly back to Istanbul for four days, to do some serious sightseeing and shopping in the souks. I'm trying my best to pack light, so we have space to bring a few things back, but that always proves a little difficult, what with being a girl an' all.

See you in 12 days.