A friend recently introduced me to furniture brand, ROOMS, run by Tbilisi-based design duo, Nati and Keti, and I instantly fell in love with their quirky, clever and colourful creations - I'm currently lusting over the Knitted Armchair (below), which would slot very nicely into my living room. Nati and Keti were born in the same year (1981) and experienced a mixture of Asian, European and Soviet cultures in their upbringing that still influence their designs today. They studied Interior Design together at Tbilisi Academy of Arts and set up ROOMS after they graduated. Their first product was The Dressed Chair - literally a chair dressed in a jacket. Check out the rest of their products below from their new 2013 collection. Which one do you like? 
Blossom Chair
Knitted Armchair 
Collector's Box
Ironic Chair
Invisible Table
Embroider Blue