Morning Monday

I thought this image was rather fitting for this Monday morning as we bought some plants for the flat over the weekend. I've been meaning to add a bit more life to the place and we popped down to perhaps my favourite DIY shop in Paris, Leroy Merlin. It's like the Paris equivalent to B&Q, but a bit cooler - it's just across the street from the Pompidou. We bought a little coffee plant for the bathroom, as apparently it will withstand the humidity, which I planted in a little beige pot my mum made (she's a keen potter) and a Zeezee for the living room as it's very hard to kill them!

We had a good weekend, we went to an interesting exhibition by French photographer Antoine d'Agata at le Galerie Filles du Calvaire - his images are quite disturbing, Francis Bacon-esque as every subject seems to be writhing around in either pleasure or pain. We booked our flights to Beirut and Istanbul - we're going for two weeks in May, and I cooked a big English brunch yesterday and made Shepherds Pie last night for dinner.