Love Lock Bridge

I had a lovely Easter weekend strolling in the sun. It's still bitterly cold out, but we've had some beautiful blue skies. We celebrated Easter with a huge feast at a friend's who just so happens to be a professional chef. Lucky for us. He make 7hr slow-cooked lamb that fell off the bone like melted butter, fois gras, homemade bread and guests contributed various puddings - cheesecake, chocolate truffles and I made Easter nests. It was a lovely day. We walked off our lunch with an evening stroll through the Marais and past the Notre Dame to the cinema to watch The Place Beyond the Pines. Which is a brilliant film by the way. It's long and I didn't quite know how it was going to end, but it's worth a watch. Even just to see Ryan Gosling's toned, tattooed torso at the beginning.

On Monday the Portuguese and I took a stroll from the 9th down to the river and crossed the love lock bridge, which offered a colourful backdrop against the river and the blue sky.

Hope you had lovely Easter weekends too.