Whilst in Paris

Image credit: Hannah Lemholt Photography via [here]

I'm going to the Alliance francaise today to sign up for French lessons and to take a test to see if I'm a complete beginner, or if I can go into the next level. I'm secretly hoping I'm not a complete beginner - I have GCSE French, so that should count for something right? Probably not, but it's worth a shot. Anyway what with finally taking the plunge and starting French lessons, I thought it made sense to outline a few things that I would like to achieve whilst living in Paris, and particularly this year, as it's the year I turn 30.

To be honest, I never thought that would turn 30 in Paris, I've always loved the city, but never envisaged myself living here. I thought I'd be in New York by now, but then life (or love) can take you on weird and wonderful journeys. So while I'm here, I need to make the most of it. I'm not going to make a list of things to do before I turn 30, as I only have just over a month (eek!), but instead make a list of the things I'd like to get done in Paris, in my 30th year. So here goes:

1. So first up, learn French

2. Buy and learn how to use a digital SLR camera - I'd like to start taking my own photos for the blog

3. Learn a new skill - besides French and photography, I'd like to learn how to either knit or sew properly

4. Make cushion covers to replace the horrible brown ones currently on our sofas

5. Go to two exhibitions a month - you'd think that editing Art Wednesday I would get to see tonnes of shows, but the truth is, I'm usually edited other writers' words about their trip to an exhibition.

6. Take up dance lessons again.

7. Learn about wine - and more importantly French wine.

8. And to accompany the wine - learn to cook French food.

9. Visit two new countries - it's been my aim for the last few years, to visit two new countries a year. Last year I went to Sweden and Belgium. The year before that it was Portugal and Morocco.

10. Have city breaks to Istanbul and Beirut - we are currently organising these.

11. Travel to India.

12. Stick to an exercise routine.

13. Be less fearful about... everything.

14. Worry less.

15. Go to a festival in France and one in the UK.

16. Laugh more.

17. Set up a monthly girls get-together.

18. Shop at markets in Paris.

19. Make more French friends.

20. Host themed dinners - this sounds a little cheesy, but I've been reading Nathan Turner's American Style and have been completely inspired by the themed dinner parties he threw in his shop in LA.

Ok, so there's quite a few there, and it's a list I probably should have done at the beginning of the year, but I'm going to try hard to tick them off. I may have to delve back into The Happiness Project for a little helping hand with some of these. (If you haven't read it yet - read it! It's life-changing.)

What do you want to get done this year?