Pardon my French...

I started my French lessons yesterday, hence no post - I ran out of time trying to post to Art Wednesday and write an Easter weekend guide for DistrictMTV. And if I'm honest, I'm still suffering from the weekend. It was great, packed as usual, but I didn't get enough sleep as this weekend I:

+ Went to a friend's birthday party, in a little flat near Canal Saint Martin on Friday night.
+ Ate chinese for lunch at La Taverne de Zhao.
+ Bought a black tee from American Apparel
+ Had dinner at a friend's parents' beautiful flat in the 9 arrondissement on Saturday.
+ Then went to a friend's house-warming in the 10th followed by a dance at a club called Memphis. It was as bad as it sounds.
+ Got home at 7am on Sunday morning and slept til noon.

So after a full weekend, yesterday was hard work, especially the 3 hours of French. But the lesson was good and I'm looking forward to today's.