Morning Monday

This weekend was as usual food and wine-filled, but with the added bonus that the sun finally showed its head. To celebrate I bought three pots of daffodils, a small cactus and a bunch of tulips. I also...

+ Finally watched Ruby Sparks
+ Went to Cafe des Musee for dinner Saturday night with some American friends
+ Missed a Paris Fashion Week party as we glugged a little too much champagne at a house party on Saturday night
+ Cured my hangover on Sunday with a cheeseburger from Lou Lou (that I wrote about here) and then strolled around in the sun in the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg
+ And then sleepily ate some tasty duck at Le Petit Marche on Sunday night

So here's a Monday mid-morning pick me up - a quote that I can relate to having moved to Paris to pursue my dreams and discover a new city.