C'est le weekend

Image credits: 1. [here] 2. [here] 3. [here] 4. [here] all via my tumblr Rue Rodier
So I managed to sign up for French lessons yesterday - hence the first image. I had to take a test, which was pretty nerve-wracking and my brain was frazzled afterwards, but I think I did better than expected. I start Monday for six weeks and they've placed me in the last week of the first level - so not a complete beginner, which is a relief!

I've also been thinking about how to redecorate our bedroom. At the moment it's a horrible bright yellow, which when we still had the semi-see through curtains up, it felt like we were sleeping inside the Swedish flag. Not cool. I love these easy, and super cosy-looking grey bedsheets and blanket.

The Portuguese and I have also signed up to the gym and start on the 1st April after he comes back from Porto. I'd like to say that this is what I'll be looking like on a bike in the gym, ahem.

And cakes, because we are celebrating a friend's birthday tonight. I love these cupcakes with white frosting that's been crafted to make them look like rose heads.

Hope you have lovely weekends.