Petit Paris: Best Burgers

In a recent post I mentioned that a French friend had told me there was a new craze for all things American in Paris, a craze that has obviously spilled over into the food, and like London, burger joints are springing up all over the place. So I thought I'd give you a little run down of my favourite places to get some meat and two buns from that I've found so far. Let me know what I've missed!

La Maison Mere

La Maison Mere is a tad snooty, which could have something to do with their reputation for being a Paris Fashion Week haunt and having been featured in everything from French Vogue to Grazia (the staff are even sponsored by Levis), so don't go there on a Sunday lunchtime (let alone for dinner) without a reservation and expect to be seated. (I know, I've been turned away before). Attitude aside this diner is a good dinner spot and provides an even better brunch/hangover cure, dishing up tasty burgers - there's a whole section of the menu dedicated to the many varieties. I'd stick to the good old-fashioned cheeseburger, unless you're feeling a little adventurous, then go for the Fish Burger. If you're not sure what to have, you also have the choice of a plate of three different mini burgers.

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I had my very first Parisian burger at Loulou's, so this spot has a special place in my heart. Loulou the 'friendly diner' is as you can guess from the photo below, an American-style diner, kitted out with all American memorabilia that comes complete with an American food menu. My burger was a little on the pink side for my liking - I hadn't yet learnt the term 'bien-cuit' (French for well done) - but it delicious nonetheless and so were the chips. I think I had the Hamburger, but this place has over ten burger choices on the menu, with the option of adding extras such as chorizo and pastrami.

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Hotel Amour 

Hotel Amour is a fashionable hotel and hipster haunt (what the French like to call 'Bobo') that was opened three years ago by Le Baron owners, Andre and Emmanuel Delavenne. It's, as the name suggests, situated just south of Pigalle - Paris' light district, and each room is decked out in an alluring, risqué design. But it's not the rooms I'm interested in, it's the cute bistro-style restaurant that serves up tasty burgers. And half the restaurant is sat under a giant conservatory, making it a great date destination. This is also a good place to come if La Maison Mere is booked up, as it's conveniently next door.

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Cantine California

I still haven't eaten here, but I have it on good authority that Cantine California dishes up the best burgers in Paris (I will let you know once I've tried them). Set up by an American/Canadian from San Francisco, who's married to a French woman, Cantine California is a French food truck that has brought America's street food trend to the boulevards of Paris. All the burgers are organic and are named after something American (of course) - there's 'The Dude's Burger' and the 'Cali'Classic Burger', personally I can't wait to get my chops around 'Obama's Burger AKA PanchoVilla'.

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