Cereal Magazine

A very special package popped into my post last week. Cereal magazine - the gorgeous Bath-produced lifestyle tome - explores food and travel (two of my favourite things) and not unlike Oregan-based Kinfolk magazine, it promotes the good life. Filled with interesting articles on well, food and travel, it's packed with simple, but beautiful styling and almost edible photography.

The first issue looks at the history of cereal (of course), different types of carrots (they aren't all orange you know), visits the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen - a boat-based research project that investigates Nordic cuisine, and travels to the Amalfi Coast to see the exotic Mediterranean,Villa Rufulo, home to the yearly Ravello Music Festival.

It's a gorgeous magazine, made to be kept - with articles you'll keep wanting to go back to for future reference, or when you're planning your next travels. I can't wait to sample the coffee at Copenhagen's Central Hotel & Cafe (Copenhagen has been on my city break-list for ages) or bake the Matcha Cake.

Cereal is available from Colette, OFR, System Paris and Yvon Lambert in Paris, and online from Milk & Paper.